Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beasts and Barbarians Session 8: The Final Showdown and Kiran’s Last Stand

The whole time that Drunn the Gorgon and Kiran are monologuing, Katrina, still hiding in a tower takes careful aim with her bow and shoots Drunn, shaking him. Kiran is in a rage over the death of last loyal subject and friend Kodor.  He grasps Kodor’s short sword and orders the Ka Ram war birds to attack.  The Valk that did not shoot down Kodor unleash a volley of arrows upon the heroes.  Although she can barely walk, Hawk calls out Drunn for a coward and moves forward to cut her way to him.  Sul’khaz summons his wolves and Shangor charges the Valk with his axe and the boy Jura hides in the ruins as he was commanded to by Sylph.  The final battle of the Citadel of the Winged Gods has begun. 

A wall of Valk

The party prepares for battle

Kiran and his birds take a toll on the Valk but the king has been wounded and one of his birds has been dispatched.  Katrina continues to fire away with Kumal the Smiling and some of Valk returning fire at her.  Sylph casts an armor spell and moves in to position herself where her distraction abilities can be most affective but she is struck down.   Hawk is cutting her way to the Gorgon.  She is making much better headway than Shangor.  Sul’khaz wades into the battle with both swords.

Sylph is down!

Finally, Hawk has her wish as she finally gets to fight Drunn.  In her weakened state, she is no match for the cunning Gorgon and he strikes a mighty blow against her head, sending her to the ground and ruining her left eye.  Seeing this, Katrina shoots Drunn again, this time wounding him.  Shangor finally moves in and drops Kumal the Smiling.  He then picks up Kumal’s iron battle axe and engages Drunn.

Hawk is stuck down by The Gorgon

Shangor strikes down Kumal the Smiling
The Gorgon Falls
Somehow, some way, Hawk manages to regain consciousness and swings wildly, striking the Gorgon in the leg.  He howls in rage and strikes her again but she manages to shake off the damage this time.  At this point, Shangor splits Drunn’s head in two as he buries his new iron axe down to the Valk’s breastbone.  Just so Hawk won’t feel too bad, he makes sure that Drunn’s body ends up impaled on Hawk’s long sword.  With the death of their leader, the rest of the Valk flee into the ruins.  Katrina, blood thirsty as ever, sends a few arrows after them.  Seeing that Kumal is still breathing, Shangor beheads him.

As Shangor and Sul’khaz see to Hawk and Sylph, who is still alive, The King of Haak stands amid the bodies. He drops his bloody short sword and kneels by his fallen general Kodor.  He closes his eyes and strokes the wings of his old friend and faithful servant. “I have found the last of my kin only to see him killed. I am now alone, my very existence is meaningless. Most of you were true friends to me, and I shall leave the entire city to you. Do what you will with it.” Then, pointing his finger upward, he says: “Can you see the birds?” A few Ka Nam are flying in circle, as if waiting for something.“They are the spirits of my wife, my brothers, and my friends. They have been waiting for me for too long. I shall join them now. May the winds carry you far.”

Kiran prepares to leave this world

Then, stretching out his arms as if they were the wings he lost centuries ago, he jumps into the chasm. For a single moment Kiran seems to be flying again, but then he plummets downward without a sound. This is the end of Kiran, last king of Haak.  Now, the Haakora are no more and a once proud people have passed from this world.

Although most of the groups seems either ambivalent at best over the passing of Kiran, (I am looking at you Sul’khaz [Chris] and Katrina [Brandi], although I will admit that you guys are correct that your characters did not get filthy rich like Kiran promised.) Hawk sheds a tear at his passing. 

With the remaining time they party has, they loot what they can from the city and make their way across the cloud bridge.  Shangor claimed Kumal’s iron battle axe and Hawk claimed Drunn the Gorgon’s very deadly and ancient bronze longsword.  While searching the city they also manage to find some items of worth, including some rune arrows, a winged helm for Hawk and a Royal Ka Nam Egg. 

Leaving the city of the Haakora behind them, the band of adventurers return to the land of mortals to seek further adventurers…..

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