Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kickstarter for Ingenium Second Edition - Epic Fantasy RPG

There is a Kickstarter for the Ingenium Second Edition from Silver Gryphon games.  I am a backer and I own the 1st Edition rules.  It is is a pretty cool system but time is running out for the second edition to get funded.  I just wanted to do my part to promote it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Crypts and Things: The Angel's Wings and the Angel's Sword.

It has been a long time since I posted anything and it has been even longer than that since this group played this.  I don’t think that anyone really follows this blog but if there are a few people that do, I do apologize for my long absence.  I can’t really remember specifics but I can still put together a general overview of what happened.

The Setup

Exploring the caverns of the Valley of the Forgotten Gods

Our not so noble band of adventurers and henchmen descended into the Valley of the Forgotten Gods.  In the center of the valley were a number of stone pillars in a circular formation.  Among the stone pillars were more of the dreaded Golgoth .  The party engaged the demon knights and defeated them.  From there, they explored the caves.  In the caves they found two pairs of keys, battled a mummy that nearly killed Torvir, a portal that a hydra stepped out from (they ran) and an altar with two key holes.  While battling the mummy, Torvir was nearly killed and infected with mummy rot.  It didn’t help that Motard the some of the men at arms set him on fire with Molotov cocktails.  Granted, they were aiming for the mummy but he wasn’t exactly pleased.  Luckily for Torvir, Zardoz had memorized remove disease on him to get the mummy rot off of him. Torvir really become the party punching bag while they explored the caverns of the Valley.  It was he that got “volunteered” to go back into the cave with the summoned hydra.

Torvir getting his ass beat

Retreat and use fire!


  Armed with arrows tipped with scorpion poison, Torvir entered the cave and drew the hydra out.  Fortunately for him, the hydra died with one of the first arrows.  As soon the hydra had been dispatched, Zardoz dispelled the mass invisibility spell that he had running to reveal that the entire party had been there to back him up all along (Although no one had bothered to help out at all.  Motard could have thrown an axe or the henchmen could have fired their bows or Zardoz could have used his sling but I guess that Zardoz had to enjoy his petty torments.Hell, I enjoyed them too.)  With the hydra dead, the party was free to explore the rest of the cave.  In the room where the hydra had first appeared, they found a large pair of feathered wings…..

The last cave

I found the hydra guys!

I'm bad!  Hell yeah!

With the wings now collected, the party decided to use the two keys that they found on the altar.  Upon doing so, the far wall disappeared, revealing a long corridor which ended at an ornate door.  Cautiously, the group approached the door and eventually opened it.  Behind the door was a red stone room.  Motard and Torvir entered to find the sword….

The Door of Death and Doom!

Suddenly, a beast of myth and legend appeared:  A dragon.  Zardoz stuck with spells, the men at arms fired their bows and Motard and Torvir attacked with axe and sword.  The dragon unleashed a cone of fiery death down the hall.  Torvir and all of the men at arms screamed and died.

Oh sh*t!  

Everyone but Motard and Zardoz are toast

Both Zardoz and Motard were seriously injured.  Zardoz fled.  Motard, in a desperate moved, grabbed the Sword of the Green dragon from the charred hand of Torvir, hopping that the swords deadly poison would help him slay the beast even though the poison was a threat to him as well.  Motard struck a mighty blow with both hands.  The sword wound and the poison was enough to put down the beast.

As the dragon died, its body disappeared in a puff of smoke and Motard was shocked as Torvir and the men at arms started to get up, their wounds from the dragon’s breath.  Zardoz determined that the dragon, and the damage that it had inflicted, had been the result of powerful illusion.  (OK.  I know it was kind of a cop out to bring Torvir and the henchmen back but there was only one adventure left in the campaign and believe me, I was not going to hold back in that.  I just seemed pointless to have Torvir roll up a new character for one last game.  Some purists may call me on it but I wanted story continuity.)

It was just an illusion.

In  the center of the room, there was a large sword:  The Sword of the Angel.  Our band of anti-heroes now had everything that they needed for the white wizard Yazd to summon the Angel of Oblivion in the coming battle with Ragnor the demi-god and his undead and demonic horde.  Now if they could just get back to City of Zul-Bazzir in time….

Next time, the final chapter and the end of the campaign:  The battle of Zul-Bazzir as our “heroes” battle Ragnor and his monstrous horde.