Sunday, December 7, 2014

Savage Worlds: Beasts and Barbarians: The Betrayers of Rhybard

Back in September, I ran the The Betrayers of Rhybard scenario from the Beasts of the Domains supplement. The party was hired/forced to infiltrate a group of rebels in the Boarderlands   (The EVIL Governor Horatio had kidnapped Hawk and Sylph's adopted son to force them to do his dirty work.) I really don't have much of write up but I took pictures from the sessions so I might as well publish them. Sylph was Slyph, Shangor was Shangor and Hawk finally found a man worthy of her bed that she didn't kill in combat.  From the old group, Sul’khaz and Katrina were replaced by Gilan Gask, a archer priest of Uletu the God of Strength and pacific Monk whose name escapes me.

Sneaking into the Fortress of Mines dressed as the Governor's soldiers

The fight begins

It is the Beatles!  

The Hand of God. Well, actually Rianna if I remember correctly.

Chris' Pacifist Monk about to kick the crap out of Lipless

The Governor and Lipless are defeated.