Friday, May 13, 2016

Crypts and Things Remastered Beta Rules actually play.

Back in February, I conducted a one shot play test of the new Crypts and Things Remastered rules by D101 Games.  I have run two other successful campaigns using the original Crypts and Things in the past, I was a Kickstarter supporter for the new rule set and I was curious to try out the beta rules

I managed to put together a group to play with the new rule set and generated one character for each class in the game:  Barbarian, Thief, Fighter, and Sorcerer.  Adam (who played in my first Crypts and Things campaign) played the Barbarian, Jade played the Thief, Brandon (who played in my second Crypts and Things campaign) and David played the fighter.  I came up with a quick dungeon crawl where the adventurers where trying to find a thief that had disappeared with a sizable amount of treasure.

I don’t really remember the specifics of the events from the game but the party overcame a ghoul, some skeletons and they encountered an insane immortal and a demon.  As the barbarian, Adam when full dark side when he sacrificed the insane immortal and freed the demon while the rest of the party (rightfully so) fled.

All in all, we had a good time and it gave me a chance to check out the change to the rules.  The Skill system has been more clearly defined, the magic systems have changed somewhat in that in the original Crypts and Things game White magic was safe and now it isn’t. White magic is downright dangerous although using Black magic still can lead to madness and corruption.  Also, saving throws have been replaced with the Pressing Your Luck mechanic.  With Pressing Your Luck, you can also do a lot of other things as well such as recovering a spell or avoiding a death blow.  All in all, the game is a little bit deadlier than it was which is OK with me.

As a note, my friend David is David J. West, a published writer of horror and dark fantasy/sword and sorcery stories. My personal favorite of his yarns is Whispers of the Goddess which is a historical fantasy that is set against the backdrop of the sack of Constantinople which occurred during the the 4th Crusade.  It is based on an actual event where a mob tore down a statue of the goddess Athena.  It think that Robert E. Howard would have enjoyed it and if you are reading this blog, I think that you will too.
Here is his Amazon page
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Here are some pictures from the adventure

Sorcerer character sheet.

Thief character sheet.  I could have sworn that I took a picture of the Barbarian and Fighter minis.  

The Ghoul Bride that the party found eating the missing theif

Attack of the Spider

The party battles animated statues

Watch your step

The barbarian goes darkside and sacrifices the old insane immortal by pushing him into the demon summing circle.

Everyone else flees the demon, which is a good idea.