Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crypts and Things: Chimera attack and Motard the Barbarian's Homecoming.

Zardoz, Torvir, Nivhaca and Fenngar and their retainers headed to the the mountains to seek the Valley of the Forgotten Gods were supposedly the artifacts that were necessary to summon the Angel of Oblivion could be found.  Along the way, their expedition was attacked by a Chimera.

The Chimera swoops in to attack!

The beast is slain but at a cost.

The beast was slain but not before it killed one of the men at arms.  

Later on the trip, the expedition was attacked by mysterious warrior decked out in ornate plate mail, wielding two handed swords.  At first, the warriors appeared to be human, but up close, their glowing red eyes, fangs, horns and green skin showed that they were not.  Zardoz recognized them as outsider race called the Golgoth, also know as Demon Knights. Fighting together as a group, the Demon Knights were defeated.

The Demon Knights attack!

The Battle wraps up.

In the mean time, Motard arrived at his home village to find his tribe in turmoil.  The Chieftain of Bear Clan tribe had fallen under the sway of strangers and the tribal champion had been slain and new champion, one in league with the newly arrived outlanders, had been crowned.  Moreover, the Chieftain now wanted to have Motard’s tribe attack the city of Zul-Bazzir and to join forces with the monstrous army of Ragnor, the living god.  Motard left his parent’s yurt and made his way to the Chieftain’s Hall.

Upon arriving at the Chieftain’s Hall, Motard found his tribal leader with a glassy look in his eyes as one of the robed fanatic priests of Ragnor held sway over him.  Along with the priest, a mysterious cloaked figure was alongside the Chieftain.   The cloaked figure was identified to Motard and Fenngar as the new champion.  Motard immediately challenged him.  The priest hissed that the challenge was accepted.  A circle was formed and the fight was to begin.  The cloaked figure removed his cloak to reveal the identity of the new champion:  Darius Khas!

Motard and Darius Khas square off in fight to the death.

 With the pained look of madness in his eyes, Darius drew his twin longswords and moved to attack.  Motard let out a battle cry and charged.  Eying the priest, Fenngar moved to take out the foul priest.

Motard and Darius Khas clash once again.
Although Motard was seriously injured, he managed to defeat Darius Khas, unlike the last time where Darius would have killed Motard had it not been for the assistance of Motard’s companions.  Once again, Darius' body dissolves into the mist. Motard is sure that he has not seen the last of Darius Khas.  During the fight, Fenngar moved in and slew the priest of Ragnor, breaking the spell that the priest had placed over Motard’s Chieftain.
Motard defeats Darius Khas while Fenngar avoids the Chieftain's body guard and kills the priest of Ragnor 
With Motard as the new tribal champion and the Chieftain happy to be free from the spell of the followers of Ragnor and being hungry for revenge, it was agreed  that the Bear clan tribe would move south with their allies to defend the City of Zul-Bazzir.  As the tribes made ready for war, Motard and Fenngar rode south to the Valley of the Forgotten Gods to join up with Zardoz and his expedition.   Sadly, Fenngar got lost in the wilderness, never to be seen again but Motard arrived just in time to join Zardoz and the others as they entered the Valley of the Forgotten Gods.

Next time, the quest for the Angel's Wings and the Angel's Sword.