Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crypts and Things: The Knife of the Necromancer

It has been around two or three months since I ran this so the details have faded with time but I will do my best to relay the story of the Knife of the Necromancer

Zardoz the magician, Motard, a barbarian from the north, Ludaius the warrior and Seth, one of Zardoz’s henchmen were returning home one night after a night of carousing when they came across of group of thugs that just killed and robbed someone.  Not wanting to leave any witnesses, the thugs attacked and all but one were quickly dispatched by the group of adventurers.  The leader of the thugs ran off into the night.  The group looted all of the bodies, including the robbery victim.   They found a few coins and, on the robbery victim, they found a very nice silver dagger.   Zardoz left the dagger in his basement lab and everyone retired for the evening.

Street fight!

In the morning, everyone filed in for breakfast…except for Ludaius.  Upon further investigation, Motard discovered that Ludaius was not in his quarters and Zardoz discovered that the silver dagger was missing.  Enraged that someone, even a trusted companion had breached his lab’s defenses, Zardoz immediately contacted the members of the watch that he had in his pocket and began the search for Ludaius and the missing dagger.  The watch quickly referred Zardoz to a street operator known only as “Grey Eyes” to find Ludaius and his location.

During the course of the search, a would-be assassin attempted to murder Motard.  Striking from behind, the assailant failed to surprise Motard and Motard slaughtered him in the street.   Motard quickly realized that his attack was none other than the leader of the thugs that they had gotten the silver dagger from.

Zardoz, along with his henchmen, the recently recruited Talos and Seth, meet with Grey Eyes.  A fee was determined and Grey Eyes men began to search for Ludaius.  Later, Zardoz was able to determine that the silver dagger had belonged to Ikhtanabu Xul, a powerful sorcerer that had died some ten years ago.

The following the day Zardoz received a message from a very angry Grey Eyes.  Apparently his men had found Ludaius in the catacombs beneath the Shrine of the Keepers in the Square of the Green Peacock.   The reason that he was angry was because Zardoz had told me that Ludaius was a warrior that fought with a scythe.   However, when Grey Eyes’ men attempted to apprehend him, he unleashed a devastating fireball and commanded a group of ghouls to attack.   Only one of his men escaped to the surface.   Zardoz agreed to investigate himself and Grey Eyes assigned the survivor (Adrick) from the first expedition to guide them to location in the catacombs were Ludaius had been encountered.

Zardoz rounded up Motard and his henchmen and, using the Grey Eyes’ man Adrick as a guide, they entered the catacombs through the basement of an abandoned building.  They party quickly fought a group of ghouls. They ghouls were quickly dispatched but Adrick proved to be useless in a fight as he fled from the ghouls.  He did not make to the surface and once again, he found himself a reluctant guide.

Adrick lead the party to tomb in the catacombs that had recently been opened.  The party moved in and immediately encountered more ghouls.  The next room had a light source.  Instead of charging, Zardoz called out for Ludaius, and then called out for Ikhtanabu Xul.  Ikhtanabu Xul, with the voice and body of Ludaius, answered.  He told them to get out of his way as he was about ready to leave the city. Zardoz stated that he Ludaius was a valuable asset but if he needed a body, they could provide one.  Adrick tried to run but Talos and Seth grabbed him and held him.  Ikhtanabu walked into the room, took a look at Adrick, shrugged and a black mist left Ludaius’s mouth and entered Adrick’s.  After a few moments of resistance, Adrick/Ikhtanabu gathered up his things, tossed Adrick a few scrolls and was on his way. Zardoz told him to avoid Belthaar to the east since it had been taken over by a mad demigod.

No alligators in catacombs, just ghouls 

Fighting ghouls in the tomb of  Ikhtanabu Xu

Everyone returned to the surface and Zardoz told Gray Eyes that Adrick was killed by ghouls and all was back to normal.  Thus concludes the  tale of the Knife of the Necromancer.  Next up, Scorpions in the Desert and the Temple of the Serpent.