Friday, June 27, 2014

Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG: Free RPG day.

This year for Free RPG day, I ran three players through the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG’s adventure module "Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box”.  Two of the players were guys from my Crypts and Things game Adam and Kevin one was a co-worker of Kevin’s.   One of my friends stopped by but he had to leave due to a sick infant.  (Where does he get off putting his child over Free RPG day?  What the Hell?) Each character had multiple characters to run

I was disappointed in the turn out this year.  There were a lot more people at the Orem Dragon’s Keep last year.  I ran Crypts and Things, Kevin ran Castles and Crusades, plus there was a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game and a couple of Pathfinder games as well.  This year, there was only a Pathfinder game and my DCC RPG game and that was it.   Running Crypts and Things last year I was able to recruit Adam to the regular game.  I was hoping to maybe recruit more players this year but it was not to be.
The game went really well and we all had a good time.  I was hoping to see some critical hits but in the first fight, there were no less than three fumbles rolled by players.  The characters prevailed in spite of themselves.  Here are some pictures from the game.

This was almost a TPK.

I know that the larger group that was playing Pathfinder had fun but they weren't laughing out loud like we were.

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