Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crypts and Things Wrapping Up

This campaign wrapped up about a year and half ago but I had pitures that I took so I figured that I should at least post them.  Over the course of the game, the party fought off a Valk (think Mongols on steroids) invasion,  a Serpent Man led revolt, and they prevented the sacrifice of Par the Horrific's daughter with Chantel taking her place and becoming a god.   At the end of the adventure, Khale Roley III was whisked away by his patron the Emerald Lady and High Priestess of Law and Raelic the thief found himself barely alive in the street after the epic battle.

We have an Iron God on our side bitches!

Par moves to save his daughter

Chantel Ascends to godhood 

If the gods are good, next Saturday I will running a Castles and Crusades game set in 1st Century A.D Alexandria Egypt. Hopefully I will have something to blog about with that.


  1. Awesome stuff! I especially like the pictures of the Ziggurat :)

    BTW are you aware that we do a short RPG, called Hunters of Alexandria, set in the period that you are planing to play in? Although its for FATE (using a modified light weight version that we call Fortune ) its 90% setting and adventure material.

    1. Yes! As a matter of fact, I own Hunters of Alexandria and reading it was the big thing that inspired my Alexandria campaign. That and HBO's "Rome".